Our products are available at retailers across Australia and USA.

International Distributors

Our abalone has graced the tables of fine dining establishments as far flung as Shanghai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. In fact, some chefs in Tokyo’s famed Ginza district insist on using only our abalone to create their spectacular sashimi dishes.

For wholesalers and food service industry customers

We are the largest supplier of cultured abalone in Australia. Our sustainable methods and excellent logistics allow a consistent supply all year round. If you want your clients to experience the very best abalone the world has to offer, it's time to talk to us.

Please contact your local Costco to find out if they have Ausab abalone in stock.

Wholesale and Feed Service Enquiries

Ausab is the largest supplier of cultured abalone in Australia and we have an extensive distribution network in Australia and around the world. If you would like to stock or serve Ausab Premium Abalone please contact our sales team.

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